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Season’s greetings from performance footprint…

Following the recent mini-revival of activity on this blog, here’s a dubious little Christmas gift… a link to a recently finished film:

The footage here was actually shot back in July, during a mini-heatwave, which accounts for the sheen of perspiration on some of the people being interviewed. The occasion was the after-party for a “think tank” event in Sheffield on “River Stewardship”, hosted by the Environment Agency and Sheffield’s River Stewardship Company (a social enterprise which the EA had a significant hand in founding). As such, the film spins off from the Multi-Story Water project that is documented under the “Projects” tab on this site. It doesn’t, however, relate directly to either of the case study sites for the MSW project (Shipley, Bradford, and Eastville, Bristol). If there’s a “site-specific” angle here, it’s to do with Sheffield, and the location of the party by the city’s main railways station, and the invisibility (at least from here) of the rivers being discussed…

It’s taken a little longer than was ideal to finish editing the material, and it may yet get re-edited again… Jonathan Moxon, at the Environment Agency, has said he can imagine the film being useful to them in a number of contexts, but that it would need to be shorter than its current 14+ minutes. But for now, here’s the “director’s cut” – such as it is.

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