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A fraudulent philoxenist

‘Blog’ is such an ugly word isn’t it? – particularly for the elegance of thought that has been situated here in response to the event at Glasgow/Cove Park. Our Scottish ‘plateau’ (Bottoms via Deleuze) has been articulated and archived, represented … Continue reading

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More extinction of experience – or is it? (Alison Parfitt)

[Alison recently emailed me this editorial that she wrote  for ECOS , the journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists, back in 2005 (Vol. 26 No.1). Since it relates directly to some other points recently discussed on the blog, … Continue reading

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Quick Link To Guardian Debate

Thought this debate, about the “brainwashing” of children with allegedly inaccurate information about climate change, was relevant to some of the things that came up in Glasgow and Cove Park.

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The Scottish Weekend: One Account (Dee Heddon)

[I’m posting this on Dee’s behalf, since she keeps losing the instructions about how to do it herself. (Could this be a willed forgetting?) SB] 1. An Introduction In our original conception of our network our intention was to migrate … Continue reading

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Phil Smith: Notes from Cove Park

[As with Fountains Abbey, these notes are Phil’s – not mine. I’m just the poster boy. This time the photos are Phil’s too. SB] when I am exploring Cove Park I find some appealing spaces – space under the pods, … Continue reading

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Attentiveness/ Attentive/ Paying Attention

I have found it difficult to compose a blog – there are too many possibilities, too many paths to choose. Throughout the weekend I felt acutely conscious of the layers of silt and rubbish that formed the site, and the … Continue reading

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Cultivating Attentiveness? Responses to Glasgow/Cove Park

In my summary post about the network’s Fountains Abbey weekend (See “Looking Back, Looking Forward”), I proposed that ambivalence and dissensus were perhaps the most insistent elements to emerge from our discussions. Looking back with the experience of our second … Continue reading

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Phil Smith: Notes from Fountains Abbey

As the title of this post suggests, these are Phil’s notes rather than mine. He had meant to work them up more formally, but couldn’t find the time. Personally, I think they have an appealingly raw, performative energy even in … Continue reading

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we spoke of many things, fools and kings…

Nature Boy

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Cover shot for new album by Baz, Phil and Wallace. At our weekend network meeting just past, Paula Kramer’s description of the Cove Park site as feeling “precarious” summed up and framed many of my own feelings about the location. … Continue reading

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